Your Success is Our Success

That's why we only get paid when you're successful - when you're building things and making money. Networking, profiles, posting jobs, applying to jobs - it's all free.

Aegora's fee is only 5% of transaction amounts, for each user in the transaction (client and consultant).
No subscriptions, no complicated tiered membership, no hidden charges.

Delivering Bang for your Buck

Aegora is more than a business matchmaking service. Unlike other platforms, we deliver unbeatable value throughout the project lifecycle.
We earn our fee - and then some - by giving you the best possible chance for success, providing:

  • Unique socio-professional networking environment
    lets you find trusted, quality professionals and clients quickly and efficiently
  • Candidate-assessment and interview tools
    enable you to zero-in on the perfect partner, while building mutual understanding
  • Contract and milestone negotiation tools
    ensure you and your partners have the best possible foundation for a successful project - whether you're an experienced project manager or a first time entrepreneur!
  • Real contracts, real negotiation
    real agreements, real partnership, real security
  • Completely scalable project management system
    as basic or as complex as you need it to be - designed for remote working, simultaneously far simpler and far more effective than anything else out there!
  • Milestone-based project structure
    robust enough to stand alone, simple enough to integrate with your existing project management system
  • 100% secure, lightning-fast payments
    buyers get projects funded right away, sellers get paid immediately work is accepted
  • Eliminate risk, manage your cashflow
    split jobs into bite-size milestones - as many or as few as you like - sellers only start work when a milestone's funded, buyers only release funds when the milestone's completed
  • One-click payments built into project management flow
    Up-front funding and payment on fulfillment protect client and consultant alike, build mutual trust, and are incredibly easy to use.
  • Intuitive, super-simple interface
    makes running and growing your business a pleasure, not a chore!
Can you afford not to use Aegora?