Interview With Startup Founder Rick Carlile – Network, Sell Your Services, And Manage Projects With Aegora


What would be better than a site where you could not only network but also find trusted people to whom you could sell your services? Well, this exactly what startup founder, Rick Carlile thought when he decided to combine the best of the networking world with the freelancing world with Aegora. Although it’s been some time since I graduated college, I wish this would have existed then as I’m sure it would have made the transition to the corporate world much easier!

With Aegora, users can sell, buy, and even manage projects. Simply connecting and networking is no longer enough considering the potential of the online experience and Carlile, with his ear to the ground, is well aware of this and has already begun with his transformative vision encompassed in Aegora.

Having come from a long line of computer coders, Carlile was first gifted a computer by his grandfather who by the way, was coding well into his 80s.

We had a chance to talk to Carlile about the nuts of bolts of Aegora, a seaplane outfitted with a recording studio, and mountain living. Here’s what he shared with us...