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Who Cares About Aegora?

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Novelty: Aegora is groundbreaking

On Aegora, entrepreneurs and professionals create trusted contact networks, and buy and sell services across those networks. Nowhere else on the Internet do the network and the marketplace come together.

Business: Aegora makes entrepreneurship easy

Lean startups use Aegora to find co-founders, hire and pay talent, and manage their growth. Our unique project management tools minimize risk and ensure success at every step of the journey.

Social: Aegora democratizes globalization

Aegora puts the tools of global reach into the hands of the average person, enabling them to take advantage of worldwide networking, business-building and earning possibilities.

Social: Aegora destroys bad jobs

The monolithic corporation is increasingly irrelevant and obsolete. Their structures are inefficient, their hierarchical societies fail to reward innovators, traditional salaries are stagnant, and job security is a fiction. Aegora provides an alternative to convention: entrepreneurship for everyone.

Social: Aegora encourages individual liberty, group collaboration

When individuals own the earning process, they are free to choose where and how they live, for whom and how they work. When it's easy to bring like-minded people together, more and better collaboration is the result.

Social: Aegora improves your quality of life

Ask anyone who has made the leap from the corporate ladder to become an entrepreneur or freelancer whether they would go back! Aegora's founding principle is to bring that joy of self-ownership and self-direction to the mainstream.


Aegora intends to create an optimal environment for entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to build their businesses, promote themselves and their brands, network, collaborate, buy and sell services. Building on the lessons learned from existing, suboptimal, online freelance marketplaces, Aegora is the first true professional marketplace.

A couple years ago, researchers from a well-known European business school interviewed Rick Carlile, as a prominent user of Online Freelance Marketplaces (OFMs). Given that as far back as 1998 sources like the Harvard Business Review had been promoting OFMs as the wave of the future, they asked, why haven't they delivered the seismic economic and social upheaval expected of them? Rick also believed that the 20th-Century employment model was obsolete and determined to discover the answer and build a better marketplace that would appeal to the mainstream. Since then, he and his co-founders researched and identified the failures, inadequacies, bottlenecks and sticking-points that have prevented OFMs from achieving real change.

An online service is like a state; its social structures and rules have real effects on real people. Earlier freelance marketplaces created a feudal caste system by rigidly differentiating between buyers and sellers, limiting user interaction, and commoditizing people by treating their skills as generic. This inevitably led to a "race to the bottom" for both price and quality; neither buyer nor seller received what they wanted.

In contrast, Aegora offers an egalitarian, level-playing-field service-trading environment based on the natural social and economic forces that shape our activities in the real world, where individuals may succeed according to their own individual merits. Aegora uses these forces to filter for quality, so its users can find the right people with the right skills effortlessly.

Additionally, Aegora enables users to achieve success more reliably by providing a unique project management and financial architecture, eminently scalable from the simple to the complex, that encourages clear goal definition, removes opportunities for misunderstanding, and ensures fairness and safety for all by including real contracts and pay-on-results infrastructure.

Why "Aegora"?

In the city-states of ancient Greece, the Agora or marketplace was the center of civil life, of debate, trade and politics. Aegora evolves the Agora into the twenty-first century, being a place for professionals to promote, collaborate, buy and sell amongst networks of contacts.

Founder Bios

Rick Carlile

BA, MA (Hons.)

Rick Carlile, co-founder of Aegora

Rick Carlile and Freyja

Originally from Scotland, Rick spends most of his time in the Asia-Pacific region, living in the hills of tropical Taiwan. His primary interest is in the ability of advancing technology and evolving attitudes to allow any enterprising individual to possess the choice, mobility, lifestyle and level of personal freedom previously available only to the rich and famous. Armed with his office-in-a-briefcase and Jeep, Rick can often be found working on Aegora from Taiwan's beaches and rugged interior, accompanied by his faithful aide-de-camp Freyja.

With fifteen years' experience in the worldwide IT industry, Rick is currently GM of globally-distributed bespoke web development house Creadyne Developments, LLC ( He has worked with numerous multinational corporations and tech startups, including Interspire (, BigCommerce (, ZyXEL Communications Corp. (, Hitron Technologies ( and Reach Investor Solutions (

Rick has at various times in the past worked as a nightclub bouncer and network engineer in Scotland, and as a language teacher, technical writer, journalist and martial arts instructor in Asia. He holds a bachelor's in Commercial Music and a master's degree with honors in Mental Philosophy.

Dr. Niccolo Capanni

BSc, MSc, PhD

Niccolo Capanni

Niccolo Capanni

Niccolo grew up in Scotland; he now spends as much time as possible chasing the sun in Tuscany, when not working on Aegora's deep code.

His early tech interest began with BBC and Sinclair computers, developing these interests before becoming involved in tech recruitment and management. He then moved into academia; lecturing and researching in technology, while becoming involved in the recruitment, marketing, alumni and governance operations of the university.Having always loved science and technology, his first degree was in mathematics, after which he quickly progressed on to an engineering master's in information systems. After that he continued with a PhD in engineering and artificial intelligence while simultaneously working in industry and academia.

His interests include data technology, artificial intelligence, hypersonics for space technology and fusion. He is also an avid fencer, receiving university colors and representing his country at international level.


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