What is the Dashboard?


Your dashboard is a screen displaying all sorts of information about your Aegora account, profile and network. When you log into Aegora, you are taken to the dashboard automatically. The dashboard includes some standard sections:

  • Your profile information
  • Statistics about how often your profile has been viewed
  • Links to commonly-used pages
  • Information about your contact network, and their recent activity on Aegora.
  • Information on new messages and contact requests received. This information displays at the bottom of your screen when you log in.

As well as this standard information, the dashboard also contains a customizable section that enables you to display or hide panels providing various different kinds of information, depending on how you use Aegora. Some of these panels are shown by default.

To manage which panels display, click Customize your dashboard. Available panels display. Panels that are not currently being displayed in your dashboard display with a dark blue background. Click a panel's name to display it.

To minimize a panel's height, click its Collapse icon.

To view only a single panel temporarily, click its Maximize icon (click its Minimize icon to view all the panels again).

To remove a panel, click its Close icon. If you want to enable the panel again, click Customize your dashboard.

Use the dashboard to invite new people to Aegora - just enter a string of email addresses separated by commas, click Invite, and we'll do the rest!