How do I set up my Aegora profile?



When you first sign up (see How do I sign up?) you'll be prompted to enter some standard information. You can later edit your profile information at any time by clicking Network > Profile.
  • Email: This field is pre-populated with the email address to which your invitation was sent. Invitations are keyed to your email address, so please don't change this or you won't be able to sign up. If you want to change your email address later on, just click Manage > Account.
  • Password, Confirm password: Enter and re-enter a secure password for your Aegora account. If you later forget your password, click Log in > Forgot password and and we'll send you an email that lets you create a new one.
Click Create New Account. The Personal Details page lets you add basic details about yourself.
  • First name, Last name: Enter your real names. If you want to include a middle name in your profile, enter it as part of your First name.
  • Gender: Select your gender. This does not display in your profile.
  • Date: Select your date of birth from the calendar. This does not display in your profile. Please note, Aegora is not intended for use by people under 13 years of age.
  • Country: Select your country of residence from the list.
  • State: Enter your state, province, or other geographic area, in full ("California", not "CA" or "Calif."). We've left this field open-ended deliberately, so you can enter "San Fransisco, California" if you prefer more specificity.
Click Next page. The Expertise page lets you add some information about your professional life and expertise, which is displayed at the top of your Aegora profile.
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary area of expertise: You may select from one to three areas of professional expertise. Aegora uses a large database of areas of  expertise to make it easy to find professionals in a given field. Enter the first few letters of your field. The database returns matching entries, from which you may select.
  • Our database has thousands of entries, but if your area of expertise is not represented in the list, please let us know via the bug report form - thanks!
  • Tags: Use up to ten tags to define your interests and activities - either select from the list of tags other people have used, or add your own!
Click Next page. The Describe Yourself page lets you enter the rest of the information that goes at the top of your Aegora profile.
  • Position: Enter your job title and company.
  • Mission statement: What makes you different from everyone else? If you could tell people one single thing about you, what would it be?
  • Profile image: Upload a head-and-shoulders photo of yourself. This photo displays at the top of your profile, and is also your avatar for all group discussions.
Click Next Page. The Profile Design page lets you choose how you want your Aegora profile to look and feel. Use the Design gallery to preview each template, then make your selection from the drop-down list.
Click Save. That's all the basic profile information set up! Next, you're prompted to customize your profile with your own content; see How do I customize my profile contents?