How do I customize my profile contents?


Your Aegora profile is highly customizable. Whatever your area of professional expertise, you can use our customization tools to showcase your accomplishments and portfolio brilliantly! Once you've signed up and finished creating your account (see How do I set up my Aegora profile?) you'll be taken to the Customize your profile screen. You can return to this screen any time by clicking Network > Profile > Create and edit your custom profile content.

You can customize your profile with a variety of different content types - text, images, image gallery, YouTube video, and so forth. Inactive content types display with a dark background, and active content types (ones that you're using on your profile) display with a blue background.
  • To start defining a new piece of content, click its Create button.
  • To make changes to an existing piece of content, click its Edit button.
  • To remove an existing piece of content, click its Delete button. Deleted content cannot be retrieved!
When you create or edit a piece of content, more help will display on the page.
Once you've finished, don't forget to share your profile (see How do I share my Aegora profile?)!