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New Freelancing Platform

For those new to Aegora, they are a grass-roots marketplace for professional services that’s a game-changer for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Users can promote their business, network, hire, get hired, manage projects to success, pay and get paid – all in one place.

Join a Startup, Change the World

The most important thing to consider are the resources you’ll need. This takes us back to thinking about what a company really is. A company is not the sum total of all those things the big corporations waste their money on – all it really is, is a machine for solving a problem for some people. So that means you just have to figure out the smallest set of resources necessary to solve that problem adequately – and get paid for doing so – and then look at how you can get hold of those resources. The fewer resources you need, the greater the chances you’ll be able to get them.

The Top 4 Career Tools Everyone Needs to Know About in 2016

Freelancing is hard work, but Aegora makes it easier to find gigs with a setup similar to LinkedIn, where users create networks through various degrees of connection. Employers create job posts and use those degrees of connection to find the right freelancers, and then they interview candidates, draw up contracts, agree to milestones on the project, and—most importantly!—pay you.

Breathe Life into Your Job Search

“Marketers are always trying to learn and improve,” says Rick Carlile, founder of “Ask yourself the same questions they do. Why hasn’t your marketing worked so far? What can you do to improve it? Are you targeting the right people? What are their pain points, and how does your product solve them? Are you packaging your product optimally? What could you do to grab their attention better?”

Good and Bad Advice for Entrepreneurs

The real good advice is 'understand your customers'. By listening to what they think, learn how they think. Once you've heard enough subjective opinion, you can use your unique perspective to make your innovative, objective decision.

Insider Secrets to Building a Successful Business Website

Good brand impressions come from good user experience, and good UX comes from a user having to learn as little as possible to use your site or app. Of course, for any useful service there has to be some learning curve for the user (one might argue, the more useful the service, the necessarily greater the requirement to learn) but every development decision should be made based on smoothing out this curve.

New Online Marketplace Needs Your Feedback

I’ve noticed that some creative professionals have been trying to use the CFC Group on LinkedIn to find collaborators and other freelancers to help with projects, which is great! But LinkedIn isn’t really set up for that.

That’s why I was excited when I was approached recently by Rick Carlile. He’s building a next generation site called which is designed as “the first networked professional marketplace” and will make it easier for you to connect and actually transact business – at least that is the goal.

Interview With Startup Founder Rick Carlile – Network, Sell Your Services, And Manage Projects With Aegora

What would be better than a site where you could not only network but also find trusted people to whom you could sell your services? Well, this exactly what startup founder, Rick Carlile thought when he decided to combine the best of the networking world with the freelancing world with Aegora. Although it’s been some time since I graduated college, I wish this would have existed then as I’m sure it would have made the transition to the corporate world much easier!

Aegora: A free business network to promote your projects

If I said to you that I could introduce you to a business network that helped you promote your business, network with friends and colleagues, find great new clients and manage them efficiently and then I told you that it was free you would be silly not to jump at it, wouldn't you? Well, welcome to Aegora - a professional marketplace where you can do all those things and more.