How Aegora Works

Aegora is a marketplace for professional services.
It lets you hire and work anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world.
It's easy because it's a network - just like the real world.
Here's how people use Aegora to build their businesses:

Networkers represent and promote a product, service or brand; their own services or business.


They build their Aegora profiles, customizing them to present their brand in the best possible light.


They expand their trust network by connecting with other users and inviting contacts to Aegora.


They know that the larger their trust network, the more opportunities they have to achieve their promotional goals by identifying and reaching the right people.

how do I use degrees of connection?

Degrees of connection tell you how closely-connected to someone you are. A friend is a 1st-degree connection, a friend-of-a-friend is a 2nd-degree connection, and so on.

Our networks help us make trust decisions. We trust our contacts, and we likewise expect them to be connected to people they trust. On Aegora, you can see how closely you're connected to anyone else, and find trusted consultants and clients at the click of a button.

Buying & Selling Professional Services
Aegora makes life simple and risk-free at every step
Create a Job
set the ball rolling - tell the marketplace what you need
Receive proposals
use degrees of connection to zero in on the right people
Interview candidates
find the right fit and establish mutual understanding
Propose contracts
get it down in writing - achieve clarity in seconds
Agree milestones
split the job into manageable bite-size chunks
Progress to success
release funds on successful milestone completion
Aegora's unique project management system gives you the flexible, strong foundation your business needs.
See the project management lifecycle in detail
Close details

Clients buy services from consultants.

Place Job Advert

Get started in seconds by posting your job requirements. It's free!

Filter Applicants

Find consultants in your extended trust network, assess their applications, and invite the ones you like to interview.

Consultants provide services to clients.

Find Jobs

Easily find potential clients in your extended trust network.


Answer a few questions about your skills, estimated cost and time, and get on the client's radar. No charge!


Client and consultant discuss the job, and establish whether the consultant is suitable for the role.
This is where the consultant's expertise is vital, to help scope the work and make sure the estimated cost, time and features are practical.

Agree Contract

The client's in charge, so they get to propose contract terms.
The consultant can agree, or suggest changes.
The default contract is automatically created from your job details.
You can also add pre-written, customizable clauses to ensure fairness and mutual protection.

Agree Milestones

The consultant is the expert, so they get to propose project payment milestones.
The client can agree, or suggest changes.
You can have as many or as few milestones as you like.
Use more milestones for a complex job, or when you are just getting to know the other person.
Use fewer milestones for a simpler job, or when you know and trust the other person well.

Milestone Funding

The client securely funds the upcoming milestone,so the consultant can start work. The funds are held safely until fulfillment.
Clients fund jobs from any credit card, US or international.

Milestone Acceptance

When the consultant has completed the milestone, the client verifies that the work is complete and satisfactory, and releases payment. The funds are sent to the consultant right away.
US consultants get paid directly to their bank account, international consultants get paid to their verified PayPal account.
Then, the client funds the next milestone, and the consultant continues their work!

Job Completion

When all the milestones are completed and paid, the job's done. Time to celebrate!
If anything comes up outside the original job's scope, the client can always make an Additional Payment at any time.