Expertise List Suggestions

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We have thousands of entries in our list of Expertise items (the list from which you select up to three items when creating or editing your profile details) but are always on the lookout to add more, to make sure your professional profile is as pinpoint-accurate as possible. So, please feel free to add your suggestions below (keep 'em clean, please) and we'll queue them up to add to the database. Much obliged!

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Would be nice if you would add Wordpress, as well as some other common CMSs.

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Hi Rebecca - welcome to Aegora! :-) Thanks for that, we'll add them to the list. Good catch!

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How about Django and Python?


It would help if you give some examples along with the help instructions to the right of the form.

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Thanks to userfeedback we have added the ability for users to add their own items.