Your Buy Page


The Buy page is where you manage all your activities as a client on Aegora. You can see everything about all your jobs at a glance, communicate with your consultants, and manage their progress, all from a single page.

The page is arranged with the most important items prioritized; your consultants' current milestones (what they are working on at the moment) and your active jobs display at the top. Below that display - in descending order of importance - your hired consultants' contracts, your interviews, sent interview requests and candidates.

Project Management

Aegora's unique project management flow is designed to quickly pair you with the right consultant(s), and ensure success for your project by creating a clear roadmap to job completion before work starts or money changes hands.

For more information, see Project Management.

My Candidates

When you create a new job, consultants apply to it. These candidates display at the bottom of the page, where you can easily decide which ones you want to invite to interview, and which you want to ignore by archiving their applications (you can always un-archive an application later) or decline (if you are sure you do not want to hire them).

My Sent Interview Requests

If you want to find high-quality candidates yourself, you can go to their profiles and invite them to interview for any of your open jobs. When you do this, information about the interview request displays here.

My Interviewees

When you decide to interview a candidate, their application disappears and a new interview is created, which displays in the My Interviewees section. Likewise, if you invited a consultant to interview and they accept the invitation, the invitation disappears and a new interview is created.

Discuss the job with the interviewee using Interview Messages, and when you are ready offer them a contract. Once they accept the contract terms, the interviewee will suggest milestones.

You can see the current state of all your interviews in this section. If you need to take action (for instance, by agreeing to proposed milestones) it will say so here.

My Hires

When you and a consultant agree a contract and milestones, the interview disappears and the contract displays in the My Hires section. You can check the current milestone, view overall milestone progress, and manage the consultant using Contract Messages. You can also view the earlier interview and application.

My Jobs

When you create a new job, it displays here. You can see additional information about a job by clicking its Manage Job button.

My Consultants' Current Milestones

As soon as you agree a contract and milestones, the first milestone of the new contract displays in the My Consultants' Current Milestones section. This is where you fund new milestones, so the consultant can start work on them. This is also where you approve milestones that the consultant has completed (releasing payment to the consultant).

You can see the current state of all your consultants' activities in this section. If you need to take action (for instance, by funding a new milestone or releasing payment on a completed one) it will say so here.

Header Notifications

Additionally, whenever there is anything you need to do as a client, a button will display in the header of every page on Aegora so you always know when your attention is required. Click the button to see information about what is needed.