Achieving the Personal Paradise – Looking for Your Success Stories

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I recently spent several weeks living and working from a camp on a deserted tropical coral beach in Taiwan as an experiment in remaining productive in challenging - and idyllic – places. It was a truly wonderful experience that ten or even five years ago would not have been practically possible.

Thanks to technological progress, we are entering a world in which the average professional person has access to lifestyle choices previously restricted to the rich and famous – largely on account of no longer being limited by location when working and running businesses.

Consequently, I would be extremely interested to hear from others who have also used new technologies, or taken advantage of evolving attitudes to work, to modify their working practices or create new businesses that enable them achieve their own “personal paradise” as a day-to-day reality - one way or another, to greater or lesser extent. 

While we hear a lot about these possibilities, there’s not enough information out there from people who have actually gone out and made those leaps of faith to inspire others to do the same. I am therefore attempting to solicit and catalogue people’s experiences identifying and taking advantage of this newly-available liberty. 

The “beach-bum businessman” is one obvious example of such a liberated lifestyle, but it would be fascinating to learn what choices others have made – and why, and what the outcome was. Your experiences could educate and embolden others to likewise improve their lives.

Once more unto the beach, dear friends

Personally, I found the experience deeply satisfying and quite transformative, physically as well as mentally. 

Maybe that satisfaction is only to be expected when you can go snorkeling along a reef rather than taking a shower before work. But there is something about being in an environment that is - to you - paradise, while simultaneously being able to maintain or improve your productivity, grow your business and make money, that is almost epiphanic. A “pioneer spirit”, perhaps.

It would be tremendous to hear your experiences and discoveries; positive or negative, radically life-changing or more mundane! Depending on the number and quality of stories received, there is the possibility of publication – in which case full credit to the individuals involved will be given, if desired (names, photos, business contact info, etc.)

Aegora members, please comment below; others can add their stories to the LinkedIn OnStartups group discussion*. Alternatively, if you have a story to tell but aren’t entirely comfortable doing so in a public forum, please email [email protected] in complete confidence*.

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