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The Top 3 Freelancing Problems, Solved

Working and hiring online has always been a hit-and-miss affair - until now.

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Achieving the Personal Paradise – Looking for Your Success Stories

I recently spent several weeks living and working from a camp on a deserted tropical coral beach in Taiwan as an experiment in remaining productive in challenging - and idyllic – places. It was a truly wonderful experience that ten or even five years ago would not have been practically possible.

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Trust Networks One, Job Security Nil

Job security has always been a tricky thing to deal with, and to write about. On the one hand, traditional job security gives us the knowledge that, as breadwinners, we can feed our families today, tomorrow and five years from now.

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Aegora on the Marketing Mix

We've recently been talking to the multitalented and dynamic Ilise Benun, of Marketing Mentor and Creative Freelancer (conference and blog) fame, successful and prolific author, and all-round champion of the professional freelancer and consultant.

She's been kind enough to feature Aegora on the Marketing Mix blog, and took the time to conduct an interview with me about Aegora and the future of work - for the podcast link, check out the final paragraph of the article. Thanks Ilise! :-)

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A Crash Course in Success: Stanford’s Venture Lab

A couple years ago I was excited to discover that Stanford’s Graduate School of Business was uploading a vast number of its lectures and presentations to YouTube for all to enjoy – what a terrifically valuable and uplifting resource! Anyone choosing to regularly peruse the GSB’s video playlist over morning coffee and croissants instead of soaking up grim disaster and mayhem from the mainstream media would not only achieve an admirable grasp of high-level business concepts, but would also be likely to benefit from lower blood pressure and a sunnier disposition.

So it was with great pleasure that I learned more recently that Stanford had opened up not only its material but its entire educational process to all, by way of its recently-founded Venture Lab offshoot.

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New Features: Tools to Grow Your Network

Once you've created your Aegora profile, you need to build the network of contacts with whom you'll do business. But what if they're not on Aegora yet? We've created the new Tools section to help solve this problem.

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New Features: Profile Creation and Editing Overhaul

Based on user feedback, we've completely re-vamped our profile creation and editing process to make the sign-up procedure even quicker and easier!

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Introducing Aegora

Here's the Aegora introductory video, for anyone who hasn't visited our home page yet!

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Everyone an Entrepreneur

Today we launch the first-ever version of Aegora - a minimal, invitational Alpha, its features comprising perhaps fifteen percent of our "ideal" fully-realized vision. After flipping the switch and going live last night, it still feels strange to see Aegora "in the wild" rather than behind a safe, password-protected barrier.