About Aegora


What if the Internet Could be More Like Real Life?

Choosing a profession to master is one of the greatest decisions anyone has to make. Each of us makes that choice for different reasons, but the one thing that guides us all is the expectation of making a living from our professions.

In the real world we achieve this by building networks of friends, contacts and colleagues who help us find trading partners; people to buy from and sell to. We often have to work with bricks-and-mortar companies in order to make this complex process more efficient - at a cost, of course. Productive employees pay a significant portion of their work's real value to their employer, and clients pay a heavy premium for real-world expenses that are only incidental to the product they receive.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just cut out the dead weight and do it all online?

What the Internet does best is to take location out of the equation. When you're able to network, buy, sell, pay and get paid online, it no longer matters where in the world you live, work or source. When you reduce the cost of doing business by eliminating real-world overheads, everybody wins: professionals can earn more and clients can pay less.

In a business climate where job security is an obsolete concept, budgets are tight and competition is fierce, we have to ask: are we getting our money's worth from the traditional corporation?

OK, What if it Could be Even Better?

Increasing the efficiency of business is only part of the vision. At Aegora, we intend to reboot the concept of "employment" for the everyman. By building a free-market platform that enables networked people from all walks of life to easily do business with one another online, we eliminate the need for constrictive traditional hierarchies, and create a level playing field accessible to all - where the guiding principle is value given for value received.

This is a powerfully disruptive idea, because it takes individuals' livelihood - their power to earn - out of the control of middlemen, and puts it firmly back in their own hands.

your choice of lifestyles

We envision a world where the nine-to-five full-time job is an anachronism, where entrepreneurship is easily achieved, where young people can follow their true vocations without fear of hardship, where a plethora of talent is available to all, where self-direction and self-ownership are the norm rather than the exception, where employment no longer governs lifestyle. A lean, productive world where it's all up to you, and where there's no downside to making the smart choice.

The time is ripe for a major shift in how we build things and make money. Read on to discover how Aegora intends to help make it happen!