About Aegora


It's your business. Build it your way.

What is Aegora?

Aegora is a networked professional marketplace.
You can build your network of trusted professional contacts, buy and sell services online, easily and smoothly.
Bottom line, Aegora is about enabling business by bringing people together. Whether you're an entrepreneur who needs to find trusted experts, or a professional who needs to find quality clients, Aegora is there for you.
It's time to get connected to new possibilities.

Who uses Aegora?

Literally anyone who is looking for experts in any field, or who has professional services to provide.
It doesn't matter where you are in the country or the world, you can reach out to new people and possibilities today.
Building businesses online isn't just for gurus or programmers any more - it's for everyone!

Why is networking important?

It's not just what you know, it's who you know.
When we do business in the real world, we network to create a group of trusted peers who can help each other thrive in business. These links between people are important because they convey trust.
If Alice is looking for an accountant, and her friend Bill recommends his friend Charlie, Alice is going to trust Charlie more than if she had just found him in the phonebook.
Having a network connection saves her the time of evaluating dozens of competing service providers.

How does Aegora make my life easier?

Aegora lets you know how closely you're connected to potential partners.
If an applicant is a friend of a friend, you'll know about it. With the click of a mouse, you can filter out the noise and find exactly the right people in your extended network. "Degrees-of-connection" is a remarkably effective filtering tool!
Aegora prepares you for success.
From start to finish, the interviewing, contract negotiation and project management process is tailor-made to keep everybody happy, engaged, and on the right track.

Why was doing business online difficult in the past?

There are a LOT of people out there, and good people are hard to find.
If you posted your job on a freelance marketplace, you'd be flooded with form-letter spam responses. Before Aegora, you had to spend days or weeks filtering through applications for even the simplest job.
Likewise, many professionals stayed away from working online because they had such a hard time getting heard above the low-quality competition.
An engineer would call this a Signal-to-Noise Ratio problem. The right people are out there, but you can't hear their signal because there's way too much noise.
Aegora is a filter that lets you cut out the noise, and zero-in on the signal!

How do you remove the risk of doing business online?

Success is all about strong structure and clear communication.
Aegora's project management system is designed from the ground up to do four things:
1: Minimize financial risk - milestones & payment hold until completion benefit everyone
2: Maximize communication - make sure everyone's on the same page
3: Be scalable - as simple or granular as you like.
4: Be fair - negotiations make sure everyone's happy.

What does Aegora cost?

We're only successful when our clients are happy with the services they've been provided.
That's why we don't charge a subscription fee, posting jobs and promoting your business are completely free, and you only pay when your consultants deliver results.
We only levy a transaction fee on the funds earned; five percent for each user.
Client fee: 5% | Consultant fee: 5%
Total fee: 10%

Who built Aegora?

Aegora was created by Rick Carlile, Niccolo Capanni and Joel Ciceron. As entrepreneurs building businesses online, we experienced the problems of traditional freelance marketplace first-hand. A couple years back, an MBA student contacted Rick to ask him why freelance marketplaces hadn't transformed our way of life as had been predicted. It was a great question, and we didn't have an answer... But we'd find out. From that research came the realization of the truly radical power of online employment, and the Aegora model.
We hope you'll use Aegora to take control, liberate yourself and your business, and build wonderful things.