I'm originally from Scotland but now spend most of my time in the Asia-Pacific region; particularly in Hsinchu, Taiwan - "Asia's Silicon Valley".

As well as being a co-founder of Aegora, I run Creadyne Developments, LLC, a US-based, globally-distributed boutique Web design and development agency. We specialize in assisting SMEs with ecommerce and Web application development.

The world is undergoing a radical shift in the way we work and develop businesses. Through Aegora, I aim to help ensure that this shift creates greater freedom and self-ownership for the individual, and makes building competitive businesses easier, more efficient, and more fun. Everyone an entrepreneur!

"Rick is the sort of person who would not only cut the Gordian knot, he would go joy-riding in the chariot afterwards."
(school report)


BA, Commercial Music
MA (Hons.) Mental Philosophy
Co-founder of
GM of Creadyne Developments, LLC


I realized a long time ago that the degree to which our lifestyles correspond to our characters and values is directly connected to our degree of happiness. Money is only a tool to get us where we're going. My previous businesses were designed to allow me to create my ideal lifestyle - Aegora is designed to help EVERYONE do the same!


Hemingway reminds us that travel broadens not only the mind, but also the backside. Nonetheless, I try to explore this ever-fascinating part of the world as often as possible. Here's a short, rather frivolous but hopefully enjoyable film showing a Jeep trip across the dangerous, stunning backbone of Taiwan, from the western lowlands, across the Central Mountains, down through Taroko Gorge to the rugged Pacific coast.