The Professional Marketplace

The Professional Marketplace
Welcome to Aegora, where
entrepreneurs and professionals
find partners, buy and sell services safely.
Aegora for Entrepreneurs
Good people are the core of your business, but good people are hard to find.
Aegora lets you find them, talk to them, and work with them, in an environment of clarity and mutual trust, wherever they are in the world.
Create jobs, network, hire talent, manage your projects, grow your business.
Effortlessly, globally.
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Aegora for Professionals
The world of work is changing - fast. Whatever your area of expertise, it has never been more important to build a strong network of quality partners and clients.
Aegora lets you create and leverage that network, working with clients in a business ecosystem that's designed to promote success.
Set out your stall, network, find jobs, work and get paid.
Your future starts here.
What kind of job are you looking for?
The Aegora Advantage
Do business online as you would offline: know how you are personally connected to each potential hire, client or partner.
Create mutual understanding with minimum effort, maximum clarity: build solid teams that drive progress.
Effortlessly find the needles in the haystack: reach out to exactly the right people you need to help build your business.
Manage projects with the click of a button; progress to success faster and easier than ever before.
Minimize risk on every step of the journey for client and consultant alike:
create clearly-defined, mutually-agreed contracts in seconds,
split jobs into as many bite-size milestones as you like,
fund milestones securely, pay only on successful completion.